New Lotus Emira - the amazing 1/4 price Ferrari 488 Pista!
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Introducing the all-new Lotus Emira!

Now we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves… But we think this might be the best sports car released in 2021! But what makes it so good, we hear you ask?

Well when you think of Lotus, you probably think of classic, lightweight cars such as the Elise. However, Lotus has taken on a different direction with the Emira, and it now has daily driver sports cars like the Porsche Cayman in its sights!

For starters, the weight’s certainly up compared to past models, with the Emira tipping the scales at just over 1,400kg. But there’s a good reason for that! This sports car now comes packed with all-new safety tech along with a load of creature comforts, from ambient lighting through to electric seats!

You’ll also get a choice of two engines, a 3.5-litre supercharged V6, or a 2-litre 4 cylinder turbo… The same engine as found in the all-new AMG A45 S! But what do you think - could the new Emira go toe-to-toe with the Porsche Cayman? You’ll have to join Mat to find out!

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  • carwow

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    • Rolex Watch Apostate
      Rolex Watch Apostate


    • 👨🏻‍💻

      I just came 🤤

    • 👨🏻‍💻

      I just came 🤤

    • Sid Wilson
      Sid Wilson

      Lotus Emira

    • Munish Kohar
      Munish Kohar

      Yes!!! What a beauty🔥

  • 24 Hour GMT Channel
    24 Hour GMT Channel

    I've heard this is the last gasoline powered lotus. If this is true, I have zero interest in this car company moving forward.

  • E Money
    E Money

    Not blown away by the rear but, overall, it's a beautiful car. I hope that Lotus produces a roadster.

  • Gustavo Ibarra - Brooks
    Gustavo Ibarra - Brooks

    If I ever get the money I'm 100% buying one... it was between the c8 or the cayman but a new competitor stepped into the ring.

  • Arashi Dark Knight
    Arashi Dark Knight

    If I can’t get my hands on a C8 I’m definitely getting this car instead

  • superfunkicalifragisexy

    Thanks for being honest. I can’t stand when everyone else says this is lightweight. It’s a pig of a Lotus.

  • Ajitha Rajapakse
    Ajitha Rajapakse

    This car is a copy of Sri Lankan electric HyperCar called “vega”

  • Which Bike
    Which Bike

    Nicely put together. Great car isn't it. Are you getting one? Got my deposits down: Ade

  • jl

    C8 convette competitor. But of course, c8 is expensive in uk

  • Leo Hunter
    Leo Hunter

    And just like the Porsche 918, in a world where the C8 corvette exists, this car also makes no sense. It’s a great redesign, just too late to make any difference.

  • Adam Montoya
    Adam Montoya

    I wonder how much it'll be in the US...

  • Gerudo Ramirez
    Gerudo Ramirez

    I could have sworn I saw one of these the other day driving past, I had to triple take lol

  • I

    I legit thought it was a photoshop looking at the thumbnail and it’s totally looks like video game graphics

  • europa88


  • James Morrissey
    James Morrissey

    Lotus killed it... and they even have an actual manual. I’m so in love with this beauty. I’m getting my hands on one for sure.

  • alanOHALAN

    So the twin turbo AMG engine won't have manual shift?

  • alanOHALAN

    The Cyan Blue is from the Cyan Racing team under Geely. Same color, Swedish Racing Green aka blue.

  • Chris P. Bacon
    Chris P. Bacon

    I think I may own one of these at some point.

  • Jorge Antunes
    Jorge Antunes

    Lotus emira is faster that porsche cayman and bmw m2

  • Brian Fox
    Brian Fox

    Will they have an option for good seats that actually hold you?

  • Dun

    Wow some company finally did what I've always wondered about automotive industry. Make a quality budget looking supercar


    Here in America, Im still pining for an Evora.

  • Atypical Driver
    Atypical Driver

    Design is spot on and Lotus has never made a poor handling car. Pricing might end up being a surprise for US buyers!

  • Hugo Togner
    Hugo Togner

    Amazing car, really amazing. I have no words. This is stylish "goodbye" to the old era. Thank you Lotus.

  • Majid Jam
    Majid Jam

    Mpg on the v6 3.5?

  • Spare84

    7:51 Eddy Wally 😂Only the Belgians will know.

  • bwebmasta1

    Liked. Subscribed. The Emira looks awesome.

  • Mikhail Shtin
    Mikhail Shtin

    It looks so perfect, that I thought it was a cg, but then he started touching it

  • iminindonesia

    I thought this is an electric car, with that looks

  • Sir Reynolds
    Sir Reynolds

    Great looking car. BUT. Lightness gone. Affordability gone. Stripped back raw experience gone. Gears gone. An automatic sports car????

    • Santako Sound System
      Santako Sound System

      There are three transmission options: manual gearbox, torque converter automatic and double-clutch automatic.

  • rémy

    Well done geely

  • Naveen Kumar
    Naveen Kumar

    Toyota should've brought back Mk2 and made it look like this.

  • William Kaiser
    William Kaiser

    Proto type not a production model and no convertable!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • John m
    John m

    Just the car you need to go get your jibjab.😉

  • zedrick zedwick
    zedrick zedwick

    sadly 99% of cars sound like crap. and yes boys, all you with civics, Subaru’s etcc.. stop putting. those stupid ass pipes on your cars. IT DOESNT sound good. what don’t u get? u make me wanna put sugar in your damn gas tank when you’re parked.

  • zedrick zedwick
    zedrick zedwick

    turbo charged sounds like garbage, not even worth it. sound experience, is essential, if a car sounds bad, not even worth having.

  • Der Baumstamm
    Der Baumstamm

    To be honest this is one of very few new cars I really like designwise and it's the only one where even the interior is amazing.

  • Philippe Libreros
    Philippe Libreros

    sorry not sorry, it's not a real lotus

  • Brett Loo
    Brett Loo

    That is a car i could actually be excited about... but my Exige is still just too much fun! The noise and simplicity of it is a good %50 of the allure.

  • Bob On
    Bob On

    Still can't afford this! Lol, fml

  • R S
    R S

    Mat's sense of humor is amazing. I know I can't afford a car nor passed a driving test. But still I'm stuck at watching car reviews in Carwow.

  • Greg N
    Greg N

    He'd better be careful that lotus doesn't invoke the rules of the street: you kiss it you buy it

  • Redducati1199

    Deposit paid.. heart ruled head!

  • Water Gate
    Water Gate

    It’s 1/4 of the price for good reason!

  • Ruben Sandfeld
    Ruben Sandfeld

    Don’t agree on the design review. The back looks like something we haven’t seen before. The rest of the car, especially the side looks like if McLaren and Ferrari had a baby

  • Tim Milgart
    Tim Milgart

    1/4 price of a Ferrari.... Yes but it's NOT a Ferrari. So why compare it with a Ferrari? It's like comparing an Nissan with a Dacia

  • T H
    T H


  • Ro Bo
    Ro Bo

    Brilliant thank you

  • Rahul B.
    Rahul B.

    I cant wait people to mod this bad boy!!! Lol

  • Yaleb Villalobos
    Yaleb Villalobos

    Corvette C8 for 60k. It only tells you one thing, petrol cars are going trough an extinct period and we are seeing the final specimens of them. I can see this car holding its value and actually going up as the time goes by... Beauty! Looks like 2027 will be the end of the petrol manufacturing cars at least the first world countries. From now on electric car will have the highest price tag.

  • Zeus Eros
    Zeus Eros

    no stick no buy

  • Abner Ortiz
    Abner Ortiz

    That car will be around 80 to 100k

  • Bender Rodriguez
    Bender Rodriguez

    Yeah this is $60 grand just like the new C8 Corvette sells for $50,000 Lol

  • Bryan Rodgers
    Bryan Rodgers

    Finally after all these years, a new Tommy Kaira ZZII

  • V8 Hungry
    V8 Hungry

    I thought exactly the same... I want one 🥰

  • Fast Cars
    Fast Cars


  • Tommo

    The interior is perfect. Nice and minimal, making use of only what's needed, and nothing over the top and unnecessary.

  • Greg Sullivan
    Greg Sullivan

    Put some sox on

  • Hasty Modz
    Hasty Modz

    The tail lights are like the 992 gen NOT 991 gen

  • jade

    Wont you test drive this car for us..? I think I have a dream car now 😍 but I still prefer you video about this for test drive. I hope you do😔

  • James Bond
    James Bond

    Beautiful sports car, but damn, that price in incredible. Wondering about the maintenance.

  • Giandarc

    Manual V6. That's the way I would buy it.

  • deleted

    Emira means princess in Arabic أميرة

  • Trevor D.
    Trevor D.

    Can't wait for this thing to get to dealerships and get marked up tp twice it's MSRP

  • Tiziano Caraviello
    Tiziano Caraviello

    In Italiy we should pay almost 90k $ for that :(

  • Lemmy M
    Lemmy M

    Borrowed parts from Ferrari 🤣🤣🤣

  • Stringfellow Balk
    Stringfellow Balk

    Crikey. Always wondered if Lotus was going to make something that inherited the spirit and form of the Esprit.

  • Bomter D
    Bomter D

    i havent see you this HAPPY EVER!!! GET ONE MAN!!!! i want one too, it is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Electro Crypto
    Electro Crypto

    Technology makes creating such a car affordable

  • bawoodd11

    I was expecting around 450-500 horsepower.

  • etan De Keijser
    etan De Keijser

    Why does the emira and the esprit doesn't?

  • TheJuniorFarmer

    I fell like it’s doing what Jag did with the F-Type, upper class 60-100k sports car that looks amazing and handles amazingly as Well. Congrats Lotus

    • Aaron Rodriguez
      Aaron Rodriguez

      Hopefully it's more reliable than jaguar garbage lol

  • Rolex Watch Apostate
    Rolex Watch Apostate

    It’s the Evora in a new body suit

  • rupert6999

    Oh. My. Lanta. What an insane value proposition!

  • Tony Falcone
    Tony Falcone

    2015 F-Type V6 S for sale. Message me

  • Natnael Tamarat
    Natnael Tamarat

    I’m really seeing a Maserati mc20

  • PAUL A
    PAUL A

    Now that's a Lotus that can more than mix with the opposition. Id buy it based on looks alone. For 60k, is there anything more beautiful? I can't think of anything that comes close in that price bracket.

  • salem djaroun
    salem djaroun

    Emira means princess in arabic.

  • Paddy Mc
    Paddy Mc

    So, instead of buying the Ferrari Roma at £175k, buy the Lotus Emira £70 (With Options.) Then for the next decade spend the month of holidays you get each year driving across Continental Europe, darting between high end hotels filled with Hookers and Blow (Sex on coke is an ascendant experience that'll set you a new benchmark in pleasure) taking in the most beautiful roads. Any sense of smug superiority one might gain from owning a Ferrari as compared to this Lotus will, I assure you, pale in comparison to the joyous, decadent, primal, carnal debauchery you get to look forward to every single year for the next decade.

  • Paddy Mc
    Paddy Mc

    I bet Ferrari are happy they got the Roma to market before this was released/announced. As beautiful as the Roma is, £175k starts to look ridiculous up against this for £70k (added 10k for options.) I mean, you're saving £100k.

  • Lorenz Wiedemar
    Lorenz Wiedemar

    They sell it in the US =:-D ... LOL! But they got it wrong. Instead of increasing the room for shoulders, they should have increased the room in the belly and but area. Only a select few US Americans will sit confortably in this car

  • Deadly Menace
    Deadly Menace

    Perfect market positioning for ensuring a huge amount are sold. Downside... there will be huge amount sold... 🤔

  • Princess Pedalizo Guevarra
    Princess Pedalizo Guevarra


  • mjwchapman

    i want one too and i don't drive

  • God Rebel
    God Rebel

    Finally ! A Gorgeous design Masterpiece with the reasonable price Supercar. If you work harder, some day dream will come TRUE ! 😍

  • Ali Al-Naimi
    Ali Al-Naimi

    It also means princess in arabic

  • Adam Cowen
    Adam Cowen

    Well...that's pretty, cars good looking too

  • Imad Islam
    Imad Islam

    Just wait 5 years for it to depreciate £30k then it would be a bloody bargain

  • Dave Lawrence
    Dave Lawrence

    Wow Stunningly gorgeous about time too Lotus!!! 👌🏻👍🏻

  • Lehel Zelenka
    Lehel Zelenka

    This is only 100 Kg lighter than a C8 Corvette which has a V8 instead of a 4 pot AMG engine. Price is the same as a C8 then. Not really sure why would Mat be shocked that it doesn't cost twice as much. Even at this price, the Lotus faces tough competition!

  • Anders Bjørnsen
    Anders Bjørnsen

    I Wonder, will this leave room for an Elise too? This is way heavier and more powerful than an Elise..

  • Mentuhotep II
    Mentuhotep II

    Corvette C8 designers need go back to the drawing board!

  • Scott Coleman
    Scott Coleman


  • SNK Corp.
    SNK Corp.

    does the emira have a hanging or standing gas pedal?

    • morningstar2k1

      just like in the Evora. Hanging.

  • Philipp Götten
    Philipp Götten

    I love light Cars

  • Lewis

    This is my dream car. Forget Ferarri or Lambos, this is unbelievably sexy, holy christ

    • jearl blah
      jearl blah

      Also much more obtainable

  • CryptoPimp

    This is going to sell so well...great job lotus . This is how it's done!

  • Michael Wall
    Michael Wall

    Just put me refundable deposit down, get to see in the flesh here in France in September , do hope Matt has got hold of one before then would love an honest feedback. Only 250 LHD first Editions available so €90k+ as fully loaded and that's for the AMG engine one. If you want the V6 got to pay an extra €40000 Co2 tax on top of the list price

    • M S
      M S

      @Michael Wall Right....they will push everyone to electric cars and then realize $billions in tax revenue will go away. So they will just find a new way to tax you.

    • Michael Wall
      Michael Wall

      @M S Its "ONLY" €30000 this year. There was a yearly tax on cars over I think 193 Co2, mine was 194, which they stopped. They got a new one though, if your car weighs more than 1800Kgs you pay yearly. I do wonder how we are all going to be taxed when we are all made to drive electric cars ,when they won't be able to use the Co2 crap anymore

    • M S
      M S

      That extra tax is crazy.

  • Daniel Lackas
    Daniel Lackas

    Porsche is my favorite Car company but i would take this over a cayman anytime

  • Lucy A
    Lucy A

    Curious how much interior space there is, looks amazing!