Ferrari 488 Pista Piloti v Aventador SV v 800hp 911 Turbo S: DRAG RACE
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Thanks to CS Panda for lending us their Ferrari - @CS Panda
Thanks to ES Motors for lending us their Porsche -
Thanks to Yianni for brining his Aventador SV - @Yiannimize
Thanks to Sam for racing the Porsche -

Who's ready for an incredible three-way supercar drag race?!

Mat's lined up in the super rare (and super expensive!) Ferrari 488 Pista Piloti, and he's alongside Yianni in his Lamborghini Aventador SV and an ES Motor-tuned Porsche 911 Turbo S!

Now trust us, the stats on each of these cars are insane! Starting with the Ferrari, it's powered by a 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 which produces 720hp & 770Nm of torque. That's not all though, it's properly light, weighing less than 1,400kg! Then we have the Aventador SV, which thanks to its almighty 6.5-litre V12 can produce 755hp & 690Nm.

And then finally we have the Porsche 911 Turbo. As many of you will know, we've brought the 911 Turbo S in for a whole load of drag races over the past 12 months, and it's left countless cars in its wake! But this is even more special than your standard 911 Turbo... It's been tuned by ES Motor, and it can now produce an incredible 800hp & 950Nm of torque! It's the heaviest car here though, weighing in at 1,640kg.

So how do you think this one will play out? Will the light weight of the Ferrari power it to victory? Or will the fact it's only RWD result in it coming last? There's only one way to find out... LET'S RACE!

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  • carwow

    Which is quicker round a racing track: a Honda Civic Type R or VW Golf GTI Clubsport? VOTE below by liking the Honda or VW comment then watch Mat race them here:

    • shipmate_dave

      The porsche is faster than 206 its just he didnt change to 7th gear

    • Ibrahim Alhammadi
      Ibrahim Alhammadi

      I like chelvon car

    • Mike Bailey
      Mike Bailey

      Type R all day.

    • Lego momento
      Lego momento


    • Paul Bancroft
      Paul Bancroft

      Anything that hang in there with Porsche is seriously an insanely fast car

  • Adrian Piña
    Adrian Piña

    I love porshches

  • Anthony Mazzini
    Anthony Mazzini

    Porsche is like: bye noobs

  • Vojtěch Richter
    Vojtěch Richter

    Guys I love ya, just it's not Po:rsh but Porsche


    this aint the race we wanna see. when's mat and yianni gonna have their running race

  • Michael Chang
    Michael Chang

    I'm wondering how much the Tesla S Plaid's range would be if it has the brakes of a Taycan Turbo S, which is I believe the same as 911 Turbo S's. Larger rotors have more friction, although carbon-ceramic can actually make them lighter.

    • asioe kiou
      asioe kiou

      Petition for a bicycle race between Yianni and Mat

  • jeffsond

    Porche, crazy fast and crazy boring!!

  • Artur Arcoverde
    Artur Arcoverde

    Porsche the best

  • 7Heaven

    The Porsche needs washing.

  • john david
    john david

    I love Porsche

  • BestMovieClips

    The car with less than half of the price crushes other. Hats off porsche👌👌👌

  • Mustafa Farhat
    Mustafa Farhat

    You should race this porsche from es motor with the rimac nevera

  • Foodie F
    Foodie F

    Gotta love yani man he's so competitive

  • Mercy Lee
    Mercy Lee

    Bla bla bla sounds Italie. Porsche is kicking ass..again again and again 🤣🤣

  • Super Profitable Jobs
    Super Profitable Jobs

    in a quarter mile race, the Porsche is a mile ahead

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon

    Now try this tuned Turbo S against stock 765LT, Plaid and SF90 ...

  • 1988M3 Big turbo
    1988M3 Big turbo

    Porsche is just on another level. My forever favorite

  • FrostyFlamez

    Cool vid. Now race that 911 against a cheetah.

    • qopoy dnon
      qopoy dnon

      Tuning a modern 911 Turbo S is basically inputting a real life cheat code. Looks unreal!

  • Kyle Matta
    Kyle Matta

    Why do you do the rolling race in the limpest mode??

  • Antonio Amado
    Antonio Amado

    3:11 you are welcome !

  • Dumitru Lungu
    Dumitru Lungu

    Petition for a bicycle race between Yianni and Mat

  • Jayanth sajja
    Jayanth sajja

    Porsche is a drag king 🔥

  • Dave T
    Dave T

    Matt, you are a genuinely funny dude.


    lambo all the time suck!

  • HomerSimpson0815

    Porsche ❤️

  • Daksh Pagar
    Daksh Pagar

    Just remember that the lambo was stock, if ut was tuned it would have beaten the so called winner Porsche

  • Daksh Pagar
    Daksh Pagar

    Bring the 765 lt, or even an sf90 and it will beat tge shit Porsche 😂😂😂

  • Leandro Giron
    Leandro Giron

    The Porsche is like damn jet

  • Abel freeman
    Abel freeman

    Not gonna lie your vids are great but your site is not.


    Tune this Turbo S to 1000hp🙏🏼

  • Bobby Moss
    Bobby Moss

    If 911 Turbo S is involved in a drag race, all the other cars should just throw in the white flag.

  • Phil Barrett
    Phil Barrett

    Everyone look out for bargains on Aventadors......

  • rockervdrive

    Tuning a modern 911 Turbo S is basically inputting a real life cheat code. Looks unreal!

  • Blake2423

    That 911 is mental

  • Alan Charlap
    Alan Charlap

    Yanni always loses. He sucks!

  • Monsiéur Èmilien
    Monsiéur Èmilien


  • Bogdan Capanu
    Bogdan Capanu

    There is Porsche and the rest of the cars. 🤭

  • Don N.
    Don N.

    These cars are crap dinosaurs. A tesla model S plaid will beat them and its a 4 door family car haha

  • Ben

    That is a fantastically shit spec on that Porsche.

  • kailiebejung


  • Oscar Lee
    Oscar Lee

    Turbo s vs plaid pls

  • xStormYT

    9.7 seconds omg

  • Irfan Whittaker
    Irfan Whittaker

    7:53 Matt 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Thomas Hardy
    Thomas Hardy

    Porsche all day long. And Yianni is simply holding back his tears. He got smashed all over the place. But the best part is that the cheapest car battered them.

  • Sam._Xander

    We need 765Lt vs Turbo S

  • gregor rigobert
    gregor rigobert

    Porche: gone past long Matt: the porche is coming back now

  • Glover

    The Porsche needs to go into the automotive hall of fame

  • Sam Harper
    Sam Harper

    1:49 nice try editor, Mat didn't have a clue did he?

  • Thy Thach
    Thy Thach

    911 is the beast


    You did not need any upgrade on that 911,,,, a standard one would beat any Itallian toys... and do it all day

  • push 'em baby
    push 'em baby

    only a Porsche can beat Porsche!

  • Dikerto

    We all know that the 911 turbo s would win

  • arun patel
    arun patel

    That pista is basically a scam a stock normal pista with a pimped out paintjob

  • spongyde1

    Yani is short shifting

  • Jonathan Ang
    Jonathan Ang

    Lambo as always - all show and no go

  • Vishal Palanivelu
    Vishal Palanivelu

    yianni's reaction is gorgeous

  • Jack Santi
    Jack Santi

    The cheapest but the fastest!

  • Sparkle Abir
    Sparkle Abir

    RIP Lamborghini

  • Naash 12
    Naash 12

    Well, the Aventador was in strada mode..

  • Hkmanga Pachau
    Hkmanga Pachau

    Yani ever time when he loss in the race his reaction is funny his face look so angry,but when he win his reaction is so nice too look he so happy haha

  • Hkmanga Pachau
    Hkmanga Pachau

    Aventendor sv dosent know how to shift gear in a roll race because when the ferrari pista is in 6 gear sv is in 3 gear

  • Cristian Constantin
    Cristian Constantin

    Porsche is like: I'm gone because this race is boring 😂

  • Thys Dreyer
    Thys Dreyer

    Porsche is the destroyer as always , king of the road LOL

  • Alexander Jack
    Alexander Jack

    Why the Turbo S in 4th gear? Dislike Matt

  • ישאר זיעבי
    ישאר זיעבי

    Whats type of trans in lampo?

  • Frank Ripperger
    Frank Ripperger

    Porsche wins once again.. Best car on the planet whether you like it or not!

  • Kahzzyy

    The Porsche is king

  • white sinjon love also
    white sinjon love also

    Love you

  • white sinjon love also
    white sinjon love also


  • barzac

    It would be interesting to see how many Turbo S's have been sold since its online all out domination across social media over the last year. It is a remarkable car in terms of value, ,provenance and delivery. Consistently they are being nailed 100% over and over throughout the day and not even the slightest shrug. Other manufacturers just can't match that....with the possible exception of Bugatti, also German, and an extra million spent. We'll done Porsche....yet another game changer.

  • Simon 3000
    Simon 3000

    Am Ring überrundet der Porsche die beiden

  • Buck Cannon
    Buck Cannon

    Porsche is the GOAT!

  • PheromonalFragrance

    Haha yani looks sooo mad

  • John Bonham
    John Bonham

    Wait, what... Did he just say while in porsche, that if you like understeering take Pista 😂😂😂😂

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue

    I just love how Porsches don't care the competition, they just wipe

  • 55ssimani

    pure shite

  • mxolisi mdaka
    mxolisi mdaka

    Dear Porsche Mnwaaaaaaaaaa 😘😘😘

  • Tafadzwa Mawema
    Tafadzwa Mawema




  • Abdelmoumen Am.
    Abdelmoumen Am.

    Imagine this guys calling an aventador "Slow"

  • NoLongerHuman13

    That Porsche. I used to dislike them until I drove one. And it was unlike anything. And a comfy daily driver.

  • GamingVoid09

    Do the Tesla Model S Plaid Plus vs Yianni's Adventador.

  • Ray Bland
    Ray Bland

    The Lamborghini SV stands for slow vehicle

  • Nicolas Calandruccio
    Nicolas Calandruccio

    Porsche is outragiously boringly fast while Ferrari and Lambo are outragiously gorgiously slow. I'm mad. Well, I'll take the Lamborghini anyway

  • AB-80X

    It is so easy to dial out the understeer of that Pista. And to say the TTS don't understeer? Get real.

  • HorsePowerFreak4Life

    German Engineering at its best ...

  • Robi Kokot
    Robi Kokot

    Ferrari for me please 😁

  • Coconut Oil
    Coconut Oil

    I just don't understand why he uses Kilograms for weight and Miles for distance, what kind of metric system is that?

  • Rishi

    Ferrari 488 Pista piloti reminds me of the sf90

  • Darkside 91
    Darkside 91

    5:53 … why don’t they record the face of the guy driving the Porsche ?? 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu

      Porsche when the drag race starts: Aight Imma head out

  • Ethan de la Fontaine
    Ethan de la Fontaine

    i mean we all knew that the porsche would win 🙃 stock it would've gave the other cars a rather tough competition

  • Frank Udeh
    Frank Udeh

    Those Porche Turbos are silent assassins. Giant Slayers in a pin stripe suit.

  • Omar A
    Omar A

    Yiannis Lambo had never won a race. Overrated

  • Higgs Boson
    Higgs Boson

    I called it before the race even started

  • Harris Demetriou
    Harris Demetriou

    McLaren should have been in this

  • Max Bradley Strange
    Max Bradley Strange

    The 911 Turbo S wins so often that Yianni and Mat don’t even talk about it anymore I love it.

  • Bad Habits
    Bad Habits

    dude talked about having all 3 stats pop up on the screen longer than the stats were popped up. Seems counter-intuitive to me.

  • Aidan Abdul
    Aidan Abdul

    You realize that even if they didn't upgrade the porsche it still woulda won ahaha

  • Thos Oz
    Thos Oz

    There is only one car missing here....