V12 Audi Q7 v Audi e-tron: DRAG RACE *Diesel vs Electric*
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Who’s up for an Audi electric vs diesel drag race?! We’re pitting the new Audi e-tron against the Q7!

On the face of it you might think this’ll be an easy walkover for the all-electric e-tron, given it can put its power down instantly. But this is no normal Q7 it’s lining up against… Released in 2009, this diesel-powered SUV is packing an absolutely huge 6-litre V12 which produces 500hp & 1,000Nm of torque!

As a result, this Q7 produces more power than the e-tron. Even with two electric motors underneath, the EV Audi can produce 405hp & 664Nm. Think it’s game over for the e-tron? Well we haven't told you about the weight yet! Even though the e-tron may tip the scales at 2,445kg, it’s still the lightest car here… With the Q7 weighing 2,635kg!!

Think it’ll be too close to call? There’s only one thing left to do… LET’S RACE!

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  • carwow

    Name a better diesel car than this V12 TDI Q7. We'll wait...

    • Worldwide Arkenstone
      Worldwide Arkenstone

      There's literally loads.

    • Vlad Dulgheriu
      Vlad Dulgheriu

      Audi SQ5 diesel

    • Žigić Malik
      Žigić Malik

      Ford Focus ST for me.

    • Deep_Fried_Goldfish

      @Hadi Kilani The volkswaken touareg with the W12

    • fab

      Stelvio Quadrifoglio

  • Carpe diem
    Carpe diem

    Yanni used the same teeth whitening kit as Hammond.

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty

    "I still have full tank of fuel" hahahahaha

  • Leelon

    I just read a german news article about this video. They literally insultet Mat's driving skills.

  • Big Ben
    Big Ben

    Tesla all models drag racing pliz

    • seeni gzty
      seeni gzty

      Drag Races from Pakistan here ❤️🙋‍♂️

  • Sash Siwy
    Sash Siwy

    This V12 is the biggest Dieselengine ever built in a production vehicle ;-)

  • Макар Долганов
    Макар Долганов

    Я 1 от Carwow Русская версия? 😂😂

  • Vlad Dulgheriu
    Vlad Dulgheriu

    E-tron vs SQ5 diesel?

  • RSW

    Thar car just doesnt match Yanni to be in it....

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue

    “Internal combustion engine old technology” electric motors existed before ICE’s lol

  • Aspartame69

    Googley inbred eyes.

  • Ruben Braekman
    Ruben Braekman

    Back when audi was nuts

  • Kaarbon

    You know there is launch control on the 55 right?

  • Jerrod Corey
    Jerrod Corey


  • Easy Come Easy Go
    Easy Come Easy Go

    Can't believe a suv with that much power and cost was only 14.1 in the quarter. With that said, if Money was no issue I'd spring for the diesel.

  • Keawe Chan
    Keawe Chan

    What a meaningless drag

  • Rusty Bascom
    Rusty Bascom

    Mat, Yianni missed the chance to say eTron means "turd" in French. Still a good car. Enjoyed the video....

  • Areeb

    C’mon diesel powah

    • hoiy vinosa
      hoiy vinosa

      This epic moment when you don’t expect Yanny and then he sits in the car and you know this video will be great! Absolutely love it when it’s Mat vs. Yanny

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    CBr - Cars And Bikes Racing

    Drag Races of daily driven cars here ❤️

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    CBr - Cars And Bikes Racing

    Drag Races from Pakistan here ❤️🙋‍♂️

    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss

      Let's see a refuelling from empty race.

  • Luke Calleja
    Luke Calleja

    I hate all eletric cars Diesel & Petrol are better

  • Mxrsad

    Yianni hitted the killer face again in Brake-test xD

  • 갸ㅇ 만든 채널
    갸ㅇ 만든 채널

    I like V12 TDI

  • viiont eooiy
    viiont eooiy

    I'll take the Diesel any day, everyday. "I still have a full tank " vs "I need to go charge this". Plus.. V12 :D

  • Adam

    Electric cars are "older" tech than ICE cars... just sayin, easy to confuse

  • Henrik Bragge
    Henrik Bragge

    The Audi Q7 6.0 V12 - I want one ❤️

    • viiont eooiy
      viiont eooiy

      In the end: "I still have a full tank of fuel." "Yeah, I need to get to charging station."

  • Mitch ninja
    Mitch ninja

    Hate electrical cars , want be ever owning 1

  • Tom Turner
    Tom Turner

    As always with a brake test, I'm curious to know how much distance the cars covered. I feel like the edit made the breaking distance feel further than it was🤔

  • Jay Winters
    Jay Winters

    Not being funny but there wasn’t much in it at all to say how “good” electric cars are and they are “so much better”, big up the V12 Q7, legendary car and would love the pleasure of driving it 👍

  • ibrahim

    slr vs a45s amg 🤔

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu

    This epic moment when you don’t expect Yanny and then he sits in the car and you know this video will be great! Absolutely love it when it’s Mat vs. Yanny

  • Car-spot-one

    That V12 can sound better

  • Rolf Prejean
    Rolf Prejean

    niiiiiice, the TDI anytime.

    • Rolf Prejean
      Rolf Prejean

      @oiuet souiu without looking, the Cayenne any time. I dont care, that it is faster in a sprint.

    • oiuet souiu
      oiuet souiu

      Suggestion: Tesla model x plaid vs porche cayenne gts

  • D C
    D C

    Let's see a refuelling from empty race.

  • Alen Kalić
    Alen Kalić

    You are just promoting Electronic Vehicles. But you don't say anything about how much those batteries cost to replace? I have heard that the replacement is up to 10,000e.

  • Luxury Life
    Luxury Life

    diesel maybe starts more faster but then slow and slow more

  • Luxury Life
    Luxury Life

    diesel sucks rlly, and a v12 diesel omfg thats so rubbish , if it was a v12 turno jezz

  • Alexander Logan
    Alexander Logan

    Could we see a TDV12 Q7 VS 1st Gen diesel Meec GL vs V10 Toureg Vs SDV8 Range Rover or something?

  • Pedro Henrique Faustino da Silva
    Pedro Henrique Faustino da Silva

    V12 POWER!

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl

    In the end: "I still have a full tank of fuel." "Yeah, I need to get to charging station."

  • Renato Pascoal
    Renato Pascoal

    I mean. Old or not. And I’m not a diesel guy. But come on. A V12 tdi ? I can only imagine how much people laughed when that one guy in engineering suggested “what about a v12 diesel?” It’s mental!!! When the car goes to shit, just put that engine in a tractor.. or a crane !!!

  • JR 77
    JR 77

    Diesel power anyday. God I hate electric cars the future is looking so bleak for us real petrol heads.

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl

      Q7 is a Terminator machine for this shitty vacuum cleaner.

  • 68CcC68

    Imagine when audi would build a Q7 or another Q version V12tdi with a second electric engine in the luggage space. Dreams.........

  • Jonas Jonaitis
    Jonas Jonaitis

    WOW, electric is so slow

  • Mohd Salim Siddiqui
    Mohd Salim Siddiqui

    I'll cheer for diesel only. Anyone ..? Bcoz as time passes battery becomes weaker day by day.. I'm with diesel and petrol cars only.

  • aendu1984

    Why not a new Q7 with same hp?? Electro has no chance....

  • Dhvanan Trivedi
    Dhvanan Trivedi

    How on earth is that decade old diesel Audi’s engine bay so clean?!

  • Gursimrat Singh
    Gursimrat Singh

    Suggestion: Tesla model x plaid vs porche cayenne gts

  • Mike Siegenthaler
    Mike Siegenthaler

    Those were the days when a Diesel sounded better than todays petrol engines..💨



  • Pavel Stoyanov
    Pavel Stoyanov

    If the fuel tank was almost empty the q7 could have performed better.

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui

    This epic moment when you don’t expect Yanny and then he sits in the car and you know this video will be great! Absolutely love it when it’s Mat vs. Yanny

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui

      Why Diesel vs Electric? Everyone knows Diesels are slow accelerating compared to petrol engines...

  • Krew Lott
    Krew Lott

    full in-depth review of the e tron?

  • Денис Садовский
    Денис Садовский

    Те кто разбираются - результат известен и без гонок… электрички все тяжелые. Пусть лучше по дальности посоревнуются

  • logan ocreen
    logan ocreen

    Only audi can make a v12 sound bad

  • Sina Madani
    Sina Madani

    That Q7 looks nice on the inside. I wonder what kind of power it'd be capable of with a remap

  • Dejan Jovadžić
    Dejan Jovadžić

    Q7 is a Terminator machine for this shitty vacuum cleaner.

  • Omar Shashaa
    Omar Shashaa

    I’d still have the etron

  • Mohammad Afshar
    Mohammad Afshar

    BMW M340d is a diesel and faster than the Audi .

  • Leo Ducreux
    Leo Ducreux

    Please make a leaderboard on the carwow website.

  • O&A Fan Videos
    O&A Fan Videos

    Worst v12 sound ever... What the hell was that?

  • Andrea Mazzone
    Andrea Mazzone

    5:24 he said hello in italy (ciao)!?

  • Ivaylo Vitanov
    Ivaylo Vitanov

    Sorry, but I already have one vacuum cleaner at home! I don't need another one outside my house!

  • Ivaylo Vitanov
    Ivaylo Vitanov

    I vote for Internal combustion engines

  • Louis Schumacher
    Louis Schumacher

    The videos with you 2 are definitely the best

  • Aleksandrs K
    Aleksandrs K

    Why didn't they show the speedometer of both cars to see for sure that Audi is not cheating?

  • Balraj Tavanandi
    Balraj Tavanandi

    yep imma go buy a v12 audi

  • Artem Krytoi
    Artem Krytoi

    Why is Russia?

  • Devon Loubser
    Devon Loubser

    Why Diesel vs Electric? Everyone knows Diesels are slow accelerating compared to petrol engines...

    • Devon Loubser
      Devon Loubser

      @George Kyriacou I disagree they should be faster in a rolling race not standing start, unless things have changed over the years..

    • George Kyriacou
      George Kyriacou

      Diesels have more torque so are actually faster accelerating to a petrol

  • Alexandros Karypidis
    Alexandros Karypidis

    Pls don't swear it is a sin..

  • Firuza Kalonova
    Firuza Kalonova

    Audi is my favorite car!😂

  • P

    Should have got the etron s

  • GangsterPenguin88

    Diesel Audi sounds like Dyson vacuum cleaner lol🤣

  • anuka silva
    anuka silva

    Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT review ?

  • DynamicStudio

    bmw 530d xdrive 2014 could much better engine than the v12 tdi in Q7

  • Major Designer
    Major Designer


  • ALEX arl44
    ALEX arl44

    Why all disel engine sound the same ?

  • Bayram Çakır
    Bayram Çakır

    Diesel ♥️ and Petrol ❤️

  • bradly cooper
    bradly cooper

    The mighty age undesirably handle because barometer notablely imagine failing a charming attraction. milky, milky man

  • S0f4 K1ng
    S0f4 K1ng

    i think that the Q7 is cooler all day, but an all black e-tron is one of the coolest looking SUV in the world.

  • mensch lichkeit
    mensch lichkeit

    Now I buy a V12 tdi f#*k elektro

  • Alis Avdagić
    Alis Avdagić

    Needless CO2 emitting by that Audi Q7 diesel dinosaur just contributing to global warming and climate change.

  • Flesz

    I know that guy, he is a Taliban leader

  • Mbah Christopher
    Mbah Christopher

    Why are you always on winner car bro? I call it cheat... but nice car nice drive good job.

  • Notha Ntuli
    Notha Ntuli


  • cb7pwn

    wtf is the point of a v12 diesel?

  • Random Content
    Random Content

    Audi Q7 V12 One of my favourite cars

  • Nardi Nardi
    Nardi Nardi

    That Q7 Interior is one of the best Q7 interiors I've seen, what is Yanni smoking?

    • StreatBeatsAudio Subwoofers
      StreatBeatsAudio Subwoofers

      thats what im saying! Its so creamy and elegegant i feels SO much more expensive than the black leather interiors of literally every other car

  • Boonwin

    i feel like with a way more empty tank the v12 had a shot

  • Ark S
    Ark S

    Q7 has 100L fuel tank, it's ca. 85kg extra load...

  • Clive Mai
    Clive Mai

    Yianniii 😂 its always interesting when he is around

  • Niklas Funk
    Niklas Funk

    V12 Diesel 😍

  • Candy Man
    Candy Man

    Those rear view mirrors in E tron are complete trash

  • Covkid09

    Why brake boost an electric car 😂😂

  • Gonzalo Ruiz
    Gonzalo Ruiz

    But can your fancy e-Tron tow away your 747?

  • Roman Mirylo
    Roman Mirylo

    you have to be a child to not appreciate this v12. when lack of taste has earned some money lol

  • Sin moto
    Sin moto

    V12 tdi 1300 kms. Electric 400 kms.

  • DingoAteMyChild

    My mum used to have a v12 q7 and she changed it for a Range Rover vouge

  • Larry Zwane
    Larry Zwane

    Golf 7R Speeding in South Africa svsoft.info/award/naTIgqCnrdKvuZc/video.html

  • Ginanjar Aryamarta
    Ginanjar Aryamarta

    I'll say it again, you need a drones to record this kind of race mate